I'm Leslie, and I mix records.


I have a deep, burning, ridiculous passion for music. That passion has led me to GRAMMY awards. It's also led to collaborations with some of the best musicians the world has ever known.

Music is the primal piece of the human experience. It touches us to the core. Everything has rhythm. Everything has cadence. Even our own heartbeats follow a cadence. It doesn't matter what age, color, or corner of the earth you're from—music can mean something to everyone. That's what I love about it.


I care about how music makes people feel.

I mix music because I honor an authentic calling within myself. This is what I should be doing.

I'm approached by artists, management, and labels to bring life to their tracks. I love music, from a high level to the technical details. My work makes me proud.


I’m a husband and a father.

I always want my name to be synonymous with that because it's a huge part of who I am. If you know me, you know how much that part of my life means to me.


I understand how critical it is to find your place in your world creatively.

I think you should do what you love and be able to make a living.

I work with Full Sail students (affectionately called my squad) and I work with people one one one. My mentorship starts technically, but inevitably ends up being a mentorship about life.

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To see where I'll pop up next on Full Sail's campus, text squad to 31996.